What the Noise Coming from Your AC Unit Means

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You are already familiar with different smells an AC unit can develop. But, there are also noises your air conditioning Mesa AZ unit can start producing. Give it an ear, and see what’s what.


If you ever hear a loud, banging noise coming from your air conditioner Mesa AZ, you can be sure something is either broken or loose.

It can be anything from a piston pin, connecting rod, or a crankshaft inside the unit’s compressor. Sometimes it means that the indoor blower is out of balance.

Banging can also indicate the need for the entire compressor to be replaced.


Clanking also indicates that there are out-of-balance or loose parts inside your AC unit. The compressor may be loose, or inside parts have failed.

A clanking noise may signal broken outdoor fan blades, or a faulty indoor blower. Never ignore the clanking, as it can only get worse and create bigger issues.


Clicking sounds can be heard when starting up or shutting down your AC unit. It is normal to hear clicking during those phases.

However, if there are persistent clicking noises when the AC is running, it might indicate a failing thermostat or defective control switches.

Since every AC unit contains plenty of electrical parts, pay attention to any untimely clicks, as it is better to quickly remedy or prevent any failures of electrical components.


Buzzing noises are among the most common of unwelcome noises your air conditioner can produce. The problems buzzing indicates can mean loose parts, loose outdoor fan, debris in outdoor or indoor unit, loose fan blades, refrigerant leaks, dirty air filter

Since buzzing can be produces because of many issues, it is best to contact a resident air conditioner Mesa AZ repair experts and let them take it from there.


Squealing almost exclusively stems from motor issues, whether those are problems with the motor of the indoor blower, or the motor of the outdoor fan.

What’s more, housing and blower wheel can also squeal if a malfunction is present. There are, however, AC units which produce this noise during regular star-ups. But, you will be able to distinguish regular start-up noises from a newly developed sound.


Humming sounds generally do not point to a serious matter. They do signal something may be off in your AC unit, but usually nothing to worry about.

Many parts of your unit can vibrate slightly and thus start humming. If the hums are gentle, there is nothing to fret about.

It is good to have it checked though, as there is always the possibility of humming becoming more prominent, which might mean problems with electrical components.


Rattling indicates deterioration of the AC unit and parts becoming loose. It can also mean that the system is clogged by leaves or twigs.

Chattering sounds are mostly made by electrical contractor in the equipment, which can cause further damage to other components if left unchecked.

Fans also rattle when loose. You can check for loose bolts or screws in the casing, change the air filter, or clean the condenser coils.


This is the big one. If you ever hear a high-pitched screaming or whistling coming from your air conditioner, turn it off and immediately call the professionals.

Refrigerant leak is the most common reason for such a noise, which can not only damage your unit, but can also threaten the health of your family.

Screaming can also be due to high internal pressure in the compressor, which is extremely dangerous.

If it’s noisy, don’t be nosey, call the best air conditioner Mesa AZ professionals

If you don’t like the sounds coming from your air conditioner, do not hesitate to call Hughes Air Heating & Cooling. We have the people who know what any noise indicates, and who can repair your unit in a heartbeat.