Reasons to Use a Programmable Thermostat

September 21, 2017

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    Programmable thermostats are becoming more and more popular and common throughout the United States. Due to the average temperatures and the usual heat, an air conditioner in Tempe AZ is a necessity for homeowners. More and more people have started to notice the financial and other benefits of owning a programmable thermostat. Here are some of them.

    Reduced energy and money spending

    One of the first and foremost benefits of having a programmable thermostat is the fact that it can save you a lot of money on electricity bills. This is achieved by getting better acquainted with all the functions of your system, so you can use the most of it. By programming it according to your daily and weekend routine, you can significantly lower your energy usage, which automatically means lower electricity bills. Why waste energy and money when you are not home, simply program your system and it will reduce the cost for you.

    Consistent temperature

    Regardless of the size of your apartment or house, a programmable thermostat will help you maintain an ideal temperature in all the rooms. You can choose the way you want your home to be air conditioned, and set it up so the temperature is constant whenever you wake up or return from work or a trip. This means that not only you, but both your family and friends coming over can always feel comfortable, no matter what time of year it is.

    Faster adjusting

    Unlike manual thermostats, which require you to adjust them every time you wake up or leave the house, programmable thermostats will use up less of your time. You will not need that much practice to start using them and no extra steps to go through to use it optimally. When you input the settings, they will last for as long as they suit you, and you probably won’t have to change them until the end of the season.

    Ease of use

    Programmable thermostats have a user-friendly interface, presented through a touchscreen. This means that you do not have to turn the dial, as is the case with a manual one. The screen will provide you with all the important information at a glance, so you can instantly see your settings.

    Different thermostats have different settings, but all of them offer some default suggestions to ease you into programming them. They are convenient and will provide you with the comfort you require, in addition to saving you time and money.

    Remote control

    Since programmable thermostats are newer than manual ones, they come equipped with modern technology. This can be seen in technology allowing you to program your HVAC system remotely, by using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is done simply through the use of an app, enabling you to control it from anywhere you want. For instance, if you go on a trip and forget to adjust the temperature in your house, you can log in to the app and switch it off or turn it up, depending on the weather forecast.

    Zoned heating and cooling

    Another benefit of having a programmable thermostat is that it can help you if you want to have different temperature zones throughout your property. That’s how you can simultaneously have a warmer room and a cooler room, without the need to go through the house and set the zones manually. You will have full control of all the zones, which are completely customizable and hassle-free.

    Install a programmable thermostat in your home

    If this list has made you consider installing a programmable thermostat in your home, contact us at Hughes Air Conditioning, Heating & Cooling to get practical suggestions on time, money and energy-saving solutions for your HVAC system. Take advantage of what modern technology has to offer and invest into a home optimized for the needs of you and your family.