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October 26, 2016

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    How Do Commercial HVAC Systems Work?

    A lot of people believe that air conditioners work by cooling the air in a particular area. However, this is a common misconception. In fact, air conditioners cool an area down by removing the excess heat from the air indoor and transferring it outside through the outdoor unit.

    The heat is removed as the air passes through the refrigerant coils in the indoor units of commercial HVAC systems. The refrigerant lines then transfer the heat outside where it is dispersed. Once the temperature set through the thermostat is achieved, the cooling cycle stops.

    How Do Commercial HVAC Service Contracts Work?

    A commercial HVAC service contract entails all the services performed by your selected HVAC contractor in Phoenix. Therefore, a well-defined service contract is the key to a long and mutually-respectable relationship between the business owner and the contractor. These services are to be performed at pre-arranged intervals.

    These tasks include regular checkups, maintenance, cleaning and testing. Some of the components that the contractors pay special attention to include filters, coils, blowers, condensate pans, ducts and drains. The contractor also has to pay attention to the maintenance requirements needed to maintain a warranty, set by the HVAC system manufacturer. The contractor needs to provide regular maintenance to the said components so the warranty does not go void.

    Finally, the company is responsible for any emergencies that may result from HVAC system malfunction. The contractor needs to be responsive and have a team on stand-by in case an emergency occurs.

    Why I Need Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

    No matter if you plan on installing a new commercial HVAC system or need a contractor to assist you with regular HVAC cleaning, check-up and maintenance, hiring a reliable commercial HVAC service in Phoenix can help you keep the cost of running your HVAC system down.

    If you want to have a brand new HVAC installed in your commercial building, a HVAC expert can help you choose the right HVAC system size which will help you minimize your energy costs and increase your system’s efficiency. Making the right choice regarding the size of your HVAC system means that all the areas in your office will be equally heated or cooled.

    When it comes to HVAC maintenance, hiring a contractor will ensure all the parts of you commercial HVAC system are going to be up to the highest energy efficiency standards. Furthermore, it means that any issues or malfunctions will be noticed in advance, preventing any serious problems from happening. A HVAC maintenance contractor will help your system work efficiently by regularly inspecting it, replacing the air filters, cleaning the vents and replacing any components when necessary.

    How To Manage Maintenance For Commercial Building HVAC Systems?

    Just like any technical equipment, the best way you can ensure your HVAC system is efficient and long-lasting is to provide regular maintenance. If you wait until your HVAC system malfunctions, the cost of repairing the issue in question will likely be higher than that of regular HVAC maintenance.

    Depending on the type, age and size of your commercial HVAC system, the frequency of the maintenance schedule will vary. Ideally, you should have your HVAC maintenance at least twice a year, once in spring and once in fall, before the cooling and heating season respectively.

    Spring Commercial HVAC Maintenance Steps

    • Replace the air filters
    • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils
    • Test the blower motor and fan
    • Lubricate the motor and any other moving components
    • Check the thermostat
    • Check the refrigerant levels
    • Check the safety controls
    • Inspect the wiring
    • Check for unusual smells or noises
    • Replace or lubricate the belts
    • Check the ducts
    • Clean the outdoor units

    Fall Commercial HVAC Maintenance Steps

    • Replace the filters
    • Lubricate the motor and any other moving components
    • Test the blower motor and fan
    • Check the heat exchange
    • Inspect the wiring
    • Check for gas leaks
    • Check for unusual smells or noises
    • Check the refrigerant levels
    • Check the ducts
    • Replace or lubricate the belts

    Even though both lists seem like a lot of work, with the help of a reliable Phoenix HVAC contractor your HVAC system can run like a charm throughout the year. Once you choose a HVAC company, they will inspect the system and schedule maintenance as frequently as required.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace Commercial HVAC Ducts?

    Dealing with old or worn-out commercial HVAC ducts is as important for the comfort of your employees as installing a new HVAC system is.

    If you don’t take proper care of your commercial ducts, including maintenance and regular cleaning, they can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system by preventing the free flow of air throughout your commercial building. This can decrease the efficiency of your HVAC by up to 40%.

    Furthermore, old ductworks are more subject to leaks and cracks that come naturally with aging equipment. If this happens, you have no other choice but to replace your ductwork.

    When To Replace Commercial HVAC Ducts?

    When patching up your existing ductwork doesn’t help of happens too often, the affected areas are out of reach or if there’s too many of them, replacing your ductwork is likely the better option. This is especially true for older commercial buildings with ductwork that doesn’t match today’s green standards. The age of these ducts alone makes them more susceptible to additional damage and renders them inefficient.

    Cost Of Replacing Commercial HVAC Ducts

    The cost of HVAC duct replacement in Phoenix varies from project to project due to numerous factors being involved when forming a price. First of all, you have to consider the age of the building and the old ductwork. Next, the size of the building as well as different temperature zones all play a huge role when it comes to forming a price. The best way to learn more about commercial HVAC duct replacement price is to ask for a free quote from your local HVAC contractor like Hughes Heating & Air in Phoenix.

    How Commercial HVAC Maintenance Improves My Business?

    Simply put, you cannot expect a neglected commercial HVAC system to perform with as much efficiency as a well-maintained one would. If you neglect your commercial HVAC maintenance, you can expect your energy bills to grow and the comfort of your employees to be at risk. Therefore, regular commercial HVAC maintenance can help your business in several ways:

    • Decreased electrical bills
    • Reduced risk of equipment malfunctions
    • Minimized need for emergency repairs
    • Longer HVAC system life expectancy
    • More comfort for your employees
    • Safer operation