Common Central Air Conditioning Problems You Can Prevent With Maintenance

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Having a professional check your AC unit every once in a while can reduce the need for any huge air conditioning repair AZ interventions later on. You might doubt that spending money on scheduling maintenance and inspections is really necessary, but just remember that it pays off in the long run. Regular air conditioning maintenance can really go a long way when it comes to identifying common air conditioning problems before they escalate, regardless of your AC type.

As a matter of fact, with regular maintenance, these issues can even be prevented altogether. Imagine your unit breaking down in the middle of summer, costing you a lot of time and money. Now imagine the opposite scenario, with the unit working at maximum efficiency due to your occasional small investments in seeking help from a trusted professional. The math is clear, so here it goes: a list of AC problems you can prevent by thinking and acting ahead.

Clogged filters

Air filters should be on the top of your priority list when it comes to air conditioning checks, because they have a direct impact on the system’s efficiency. If they become clogged up, they will not be able to perform their basic function which is filtering out harmful particulates. Also, the system will have to work overtime for full effect, meaning a greater strain and shorter lifespan.

Losing refrigerant is among the most common air conditioning problems

The refrigerant level in your AC system is supposed to remain unchanged and correspond to manufacturer’s specifications at all times. If not, there could be a leak causing refrigerant loss and system inefficiency. This is one of the most common air conditioning problems and should be solved immediately, before it affects other parts of your AC system.

A worn belt

One of the things to be included in regular air conditioning maintenance is the fan belt. A worn belt can sometimes be detected by a squeaky noise coming from the fan. Although small, a stitch in time really save nine with this one, as it can have a ripple effect on other components.

Bad calibration

Modern AC systems have excellent features and various options to help you achieve the desired temperature. However, improperly calibrated thermostats spell trouble for the owners. Seasoned technicians know this is among the most common air conditioning problems and will make sure the thermostat is properly calibrated, so you can use the timer and its other functions.

Electrical problems

As with all other electrical household appliances, AC units can also be affected by various electrical issues. Their effect will be insignificant if promptly detected, but if left untreated, they can cause chaos. The technician inspecting your AC should also check complete wiring, fixing any loose and faulty connections. With the wires safely in place, you will greatly reduce the risk of power failure caused by electrical issues.

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