Essential Information on Gas Furnaces

January 16, 2018

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    If you’re pondering whether to buy a gas furnace for your home, here’s some information on the matter, and who knows better than leading heating repair Chandler AZ professionals.

    How they function

    Compared to other heating solutions, such as the HVAC systems, gas furnaces might sound a bit crude, a bit old-fashioned. But, experts in heating repair Chandler AZ say that’s a good thing. When the thermostat sends a signal that the temperature in the household is below the desired one, it all comes into motion. Gas is delivered to the combustion chamber, cold air from the room is pulled into the system, filtered, and taken to the heat exchanger. The combustion process heats the air, which then passes through the system and into your home. The system vents the combustion gases through the flue.

    The maintenance procedure

    As mentioned before, since a gas furnace is a lot less complicated, there are fewer things to go wrong with it. Consequently, the maintenance procedure itself is less expensive, and less frequent.

    Mind you, regular routine checks by heating repair Chandler AZ professionals are still advised. By having your gas furnace regularly checked and maintained, you will greatly increase the already lengthy life span of the unit. Also, you will definitely save a lot of money in the long run on more expensive repairs. You can visually inspect the furnace yourself for signs of soot outside the system, which is always a telltale sign of an issue with your system.

    Energy efficiency

    Efficiency of a furnace is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency factor (AFUE). It has become the standard since 2015 for all gas furnaces to have the AFUE rating of at least 80%,  which is excellent. What’s even more excellent is the fact that there are gas furnaces with the AFUE rating of 98% and higher. And that is really efficient indeed.

    Energy efficiency only increases if the system is properly installed, without tiny air leaks and with correctly sealed ducts. So, to ensure maximum energy efficiency, contact your resident heating repair Chandler AZ professionals.

    The benefits of buying a gas furnace

    There are reasons why gas furnaces are becoming increasingly popular in many US households, so let’s just take a quick look at some of them.

    • More heat – Natural gas is definitely among the best of the heating fuels. It will produce more heat for your home, while costing you less.
    • Less maintenance – As mentioned before, there are fewer things to go wrong with a gas furnace, which means less money for maintenance bills.
    • The ductwork – Seeing how gas furnaces need ductwork in order to deliver hot air for your home, the same ductwork can be used for cooling during summer. Again, it saves money.
    • Availability – Gas furnaces are extremely common, so you should have no trouble finding a suitable one for your home.
    • It’s quick – Natural gas works quickly, so it takes less time to heat your home with a gas furnace than with any other system.

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