What Influences Home Air Conditioning Repair Costs in Gilbert AZ

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Summer is a time to enjoy yourself in the cool comfort of your home. Whether you’re considering buying yourself a brand new AC or need air conditioning repair, Gilbert, AZ, you need to wise up to what factors influence home air conditioning repair costs. Be mindful of the dos and don’ts from the moment you install air conditioning and you’ll avoid excessive home air conditioning repair costs. Aside from knowing how to do basic troubleshooting on your own and how to find a trustworthy local air conditioning contractor, you should know what to be on the lookout for by learning more about potential home air conditioning repair costs that may come your way.


As a rule of thumb, you can expect higher home air conditioning repair costs if the unit is older. On average, AC units have a 15-year life span. It’s also worth noting that repairing an AC that’s over 10 years old might be a waste of money – replacing it would be a wiser choice.

Time of year

Since people tend to crank up the AC much more often in the warm months, the unit is more likely to break down during that time. This leads to a greater demand of AC repair professionals, which in turn affects home air conditioning repair costs to rise just when the outdoor temperature does.

Efficiency and size

The higher efficiency of an AC, the lower its repair costs. Newer AC units tend to have a SEER of 13 or higher, which is great news for your electricity bill too. This also compensates for any repair costs, no matter how high.

When estimating home air conditioning repair costs, the unit’s size should also be factored in. Basically, larger size means higher costs, but since AC size depends on the size of your home, you can hardly do anything about it.


If you frequently force your AC to work with greater intensity, that is, to significantly lower indoor temperature, you can expect higher repair costs. Raising the thermostat will both lower your home air conditioning repair costs and any AC-related health risks.


Regular maintenance by a HVAC professional is the best thing you can do for your AC unit. It is also a vital factor to be taken into consideration if you want to avoid high home air conditioning repair costs.

Extent of damage

It may be stating the obvious, but the type and scope of damage to your AC will affect home air conditioning repair costs. The only way to go about damage prevention is through regular maintenance.

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