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    High levels of indoor air pollutants are an unfortunate consequence of today’s tightly constructed homes and businesses. When you’re worried about unhealthy contaminants in your living or working environment, contact Hughes Air Heating & Cooling for an air filtration system and other indoor air quality solutions that can help you breathe cleaner air. We offer a number of options for your Mesa-area property, and our air purification professionals will work with you to satisfy your needs for installs, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Don’t risk your family’s or your employees’ health to hazardous indoor air conditions. Contact us for air filter home solutions, whole-house humidifiers, and more!

    Air Filtration Systems


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    A whole-house air purifier works wonders at removing harmful particles from poorly ventilated interior spaces. Whether you require assistance for installing an air filtration system or repairing existing equipment in your place of business, Hughes Air Heating & Cooling is here for you. Our air clean systems and services help you fight back against a plethora of nasty air pollutants, including:

    • Bacteria
    • Pollen
    • Mold spores
    • Dust
    • Dust mites
    • Pet dander
    • Fungi
    • And more!

    If you or other building inhabitants suffer from allergies, you’re especially prone to chronic health issues from dirty indoor air. The good news that is Hughes Air Heating & Cooling has the home air filters and other air quality solutions to dramatically improve your air quality. We can install a UV/air filtration system for better microbial control, or hook you up with a steam humidifier to maintain the proper indoor humidity. You’ll be amazed at the difference in the breathability of your air once you have air cleaning systems installed and maintained on a regular basis.

    Specialists in HALO Air Purification Systems

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    Working together, a whole-house air purifier and steam humidifier enable you to clear out contaminants and get your allergies under control. Not only are proper moisture levels better for your lungs, they’re also better for wood surfaces and furnishings throughout your house. At Hughes Air Heating & Cooling, we sell, service, and install HALO air purification systems to protect you and your loved ones from pollen, dust, bacteria, and other aggravating particulates. We’d be delighted to help you breathe easier with an air filter home system designed and installed to meet your specific needs. Call us today for details on our air cleaning systems and how they can improve your health. In addition, we can also introduce you to the cutting-edge thermostats from the Nest line of smart home products and help you take your home to the next level.

    When you’re ready to clear your indoor air, look to Hughes Air Heating & Cooling for 30 years of experience and stellar workmanship. We have a handle on all of your air purification needs, from selling and installing home air filters to diagnosing and repairing systems you already own. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest easy calling on us in Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler. Don’t let dirty air compromise your indoor environment. Contact our air purification professionals now. It’s just what the doctor ordered!