How Much Water Should Be Coming Out of the Exterior Pipe on Your AC?

November 30, 2020

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    Should my exterior AC drain pipe be dripping water?Ever wondered why ACs are called “air conditioners” and not “air coolers”? It’s because they place as much emphasis on humidity extraction as they do on heat removal. Dry interior air simply feels a lot cooler and more pleasant to occupants.

    Of course, all that moisture that’s being taken out of your house doesn’t just vanish. It gradually builds up inside your air conditioner and is then conveyed to a drain pan via a condensate drain pipe. A damaged AC condensate drain pipe can cause all sorts of problems such as reduced cooling capacity and water dripping out of your AC.

    But how can you tell if your drain pipe is working as intended, or if it’s time to schedule air conditioner repair in Queen Creek? How much water should drain out of an AC on a normal summer day? Read on to learn more.

    Should my exterior AC drain pipe be dripping water?

    It depends. Under normal conditions, the exterior AC condensate drain pipe should only drip water or produce condensation while the air conditioner is turned on. The small puddle of water this process creates should dry up quickly in warm weather.

    However, if the water leak persists for a day or more, or if it keeps dripping even when the AC isn’t turned on, you should have your AC inspected by licensed HVAC technicians. Other causes for concern include water dripping from the backup drain pipe (if you have one) or from the side of the primary pipe (this can be caused by damage or improper installation).

    What if there’s a blockage in the condensate drain pipe?

    One of the reasons you should have your AC professionally maintained on an annual basis is to prevent your condensate drain line from getting clogged with dirt, mold, algae, fungi, and other filth.

    Signs of a clogged drain line include:

    • Less or no cooling
    • Exterior drain pipe isn’t dripping
    • Water is leaking from the AC

    How much water should drain from my air conditioner?

    The amount of water that comes out of an AC can vary dramatically depending on factors such as climate, size of the unit, moisture in the air, and more.

    For example, in an arid climate where relative humidity stays under 50% most of the time, the evaporator coil in a typical AC unit sends about 5 gallons of water down the drain every day. However, in humid climates, the drain pipe could convey as many as 20 gallons per day.

    How much water is too much?

    Some AC units have a backup condensate drain pipe in addition to the primary one. If water is coming out of the backup drain pipe, that’s a clear sign that the condensate drain pan may be close to overflowing.

    Other than that, unless your air conditioner is visibly leaking, you don’t need to worry about the amount of water that’s coming out of your condensate drain pipe.

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    How much water should drain from my air conditioner?There’s nothing better than getting home after a hard day at work and relaxing in an air conditioned room with a thought-provoking book you borrowed from the Queen Creek Library. The soft chair and the cooled indoor air just feel so great after a long day in the sweltering Arizona heat!

    At Hughes Air, we specialize in making sure the good people of Queen Creek can always rely on their ACs to keep them comfortable. Give us a call today and find out for yourself why we’re held in such high regard by our customers.