Air Conditioning & Cooling: What’s the Problem?

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A malfunctioning air conditioner is not only an inconvenience, but also a possible cause of increased electricity bills and reduced energy efficiency. If you notice that your unit is running without cooling your home, having your AC system repaired is essential. 

Once you contact your trusted AC professionals, they will carefully inspect your unit and identify the cause of the problem. If they determine that your unit has become really worn out, they may suggest that investing in a new AC system is more profitable than repairing the old one. In this case, you need to get the best air conditioner Gilbert, AZ has to offer. 

However, to prevent the same problems with your new system or fix your old one, you need to know a bit more about AC troubleshooting. This will enable you to minimize the risk of future malfunctions and ensure the optimal performance of your AC. 

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

Has your AC been running for hours, but your home is no cooler than it was when you turned on the unit? This can be an indicator of a serious problem, so it’s advisable you contact experienced AC experts to fix your system. 

Your team will determine whether one of the following causes is the reason behind this malfunction. 

  • Leaky air ducts. If the air ducts have poor insulation or holes, the cool air may leak through these holes instead of cooling your home. This is a common problem with old ductwork, so make sure to schedule an inspection if you believe this might be the cause of your AC malfunction. 
  • Dirty air filters. Clogged air filters are one of the most common reasons why units stop cooling because dirty filters restrict the airflow. What’s more, certain systems are programmed to automatically shut down to prevent overheating and damage. 
  • Low refrigerant. Insufficient refrigerant is another common reason why your AC isn’t cooling. This means that there might be some refrigerant leaks in your system, so make sure to contact the pros to handle it. 
  • Poor insulation. The problem may not be with your AC at all. Instead, your home might be poorly insulated with hidden air leaks around your doors and windows. So, to ensure the cool air stays inside your home, you need to invest in better insulation. 

Why did my AC stop blowing cold air?

Knowing what caused your AC to stop blowing cold air will enable you to take the necessary steps to resolve the problem and ensure greater energy efficiency of your cooling system. In addition to the previously mentioned malfunctions, there are a few additional problems that can cause such an issue: 

  • Inadequate thermostat settings. You AC may be set at a temperature higher than the room temperature, which means it won’t turn on. Also, if you set your AC to “auto”, the system will turn on only to cool the air when needed. 
  • Dirty condenser. The outside unit, also called condenser, may get clogged with debris, leaves, dirt, etc. This prevents your AC system from getting rid of the heat that remains in the unit. 
  • Mechanical problems. Whether due to normal wear and tear or manufacturing defect, mechanical issues can also cause an air conditioner to stop blowing cold air. If you believe this is the problem, make sure to contact qualified AC contractors as soon as possible. 

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