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If you need air conditioning repair, you want the issue to be fixed before the heat hits the fan, so to speak. This is only natural because a malfunctioning AC is a terrible nuisance, especially in Tempe AZ. In Arizona where living without air conditioning is simply unreasonable it’s good to know that there is a well-established air conditioning contractor readily available to tackle any issue, anywhere in the greater Tempe, AZ area and throughout Arizona.

At Hughes Air Conditioning Heating & Cooling, we have over 30 years of combined professional experience in providing top-notch AC installation of various brands and systems, maintenance and repair. Additionally, we are a team of licensed, insured and bonded HVAC specialists who have the relevant know-how and experience required to undertake any job, large or small!

Comprehensive AC repair services

From central AC repair to ductless split system repair – we are the go-to specialists! Hughes Air boasts a team of trained and qualified AC specialists who are equally good at repairing central air conditioning systems as they are will split systems. We are your one-stop place for cooling repair in Tempe AC, Mesa, air conditioning Paradise Valley and neighboring areas in Arizona.

What is troubling your AC?

Is your unit not cooling your premises the way it used to, or is it not cooling the air at all? Does it seem there is no air circulating through the AC? Have you noticed your AC cycling more frequently that it’s supposed to? Are there any unusual noises coming from your AC? Is it leaking? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘’yes’’, don’t waste another minute – a seemingly small issue may cause much bigger problems to your AC, not to mention serious inconvenience and expense to you.

Hughes Air can dispatch a polite, professional and qualified team of HVAC experts to your door to address any issue you may be having with the air conditioning. We conduct a thorough inspection and AC service Arizona your AC so you can get all the comfort of a functional AC as quickly as possible.

The different types of central air conditioning are explained here.

Repairing ‘’America’s Most Reliable™ HVAC System’’

Trane is a reputable manufacturer of HVAC systems and state-of-the-art cooling systems that bring more comfort, greater efficiency and energy-savings to customers. Dubbed the manufacturer of ‘’America’s Most Reliable™ HVAC System’’, Trane continues to deliver only the highest quality. Trane ac systems are durable and reliable; before they are launched, they pass rigorous tests so the manufacturer can be sure the customers are getting uncompromised quality.

Hughes Air was recognized in 2015 as the Mesa AC area’s top Trane HVAC installer for the XV product line, by which we officially became a Trane Comfort Specialist. Our customers can be sure that we are the right contractors to repair their Trane AC with maximum efficiency, so they can continue to enjoy its benefits without disruption.

Energy.Gov recommends heating and cooling thermostats and apps to help control your home. Ask us how we can help install one today!

Guaranteed comfort and energy savings month after month

Even the highest-quality air conditioners can get clogged or otherwise compromised after being used for a period of time. Instead of taking your AC system for granted, account for its maintenance. Hughes ac repair can take that weight off your shoulders and take care of the maintenance schedule.

Our routine maintenance agreements can save you money and time in the long run. Prevent any serious damage from happening to you AC by being a responsible and proactive home or business owner. Don’t leave anything to chance. Call Hughes Air today and schedule an appointment.

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