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    Need a new air conditioner Tempe AZ? Already own an AC unit, but would like a step-up from it? Need your existing unit serviced or repaired? Look no further, Hughes Air Heating & Cooling will help you keep your cool, in every sense of the word!

    Let air conditioner Tempe AZ experts take care of your Trane HVAC system

    We are a specialist company that focuses on selling, installing, servicing and repairing air conditioning repair Arizona units. What’s more, our niche is doing all those things for the best AC systems on the market – Trane air conditioning systems. Not only are we at the very top of all the AC companies In Gilbert , Chandler AZScottsdale and environs, but we are the very best when it comes to selling and installing the magnificent Trane AC units.

    In fact, we are an official and certified Trane Comfort Specialists, and can provide all the services connected to Trane systems. We offer a wide range of different units manufactured by this prestige company, all the way up to the incredible XV line, which boasts impressive SEER, as well as sound ratings.

    Full range of air conditioning Tempe AZ services

    The services and products we can offer include all the system types – central air installations, mini-splits, and package units. Whatever you require, we can do it. If Trane is what you want, allow us to put our knowledge and thirty-year practical experience towards making your home as pleasant as it can be.

    Enjoy all the benefits of your top-quality air conditioner in Tempe AZ

    Why do we insist on Trane systems? Well, the question is rather easy to answer. We could say they are probably the most reliable AC units on the market, winning the HVAC reliability award three years in a row! We could brag and tell you about Hughes Air Heating & Cooling 2015 award for the best Trane dealer.

    But we would prefer to simply tell you about the benefits you could experience if opting for one of the Trane AC units, coupled with our air conditioning Tempe, AC Gilbert , AZ installation services. So, if your choice is as such, the benefits include:

    Incredible temperature control

    Better air circulation

    Supreme air quality

    Low humidity

    Healthy working or living environment

    Value of property boost

    Surprised to see a perk of property value increase on the list? Well, you shouldn’t be. A quality air conditioner Tempe AZ system can boost the value of your residential or commercial property, which tends to pay off nicely in you decide to sell. So, besides the health benefits and increased comfort, there is some money to be made? Sign me up!

    Best among AC companies Tempe AZ

    We should also note that our staff is certified, licensed, and insured, and they will find a way to outfit your home or business area with the adequate AC unit, that will not only be perfect for the space, but will also suit your wants and needs.

    With the experience Hughes Air Heating & Cooling employees possess, the perfect choice is just a matter of careful consideration. We really do want our clients to walk away with a smile on their faces, satisfied with the service. We try to keep our business transparent and flexible, so you can be 100% satisfied!

    Incredible central AC installation warranty and customer care

    Finally, to show you that we truly put the satisfaction of our customers first, we offer a complete one-year warranty on our full air conditioning service In air conditioning Paradise Valley , Tempe AZ. If any problems should arise, considered yourself protected. And it covers both the split-system solutions, as well as the central AC ones.

    By providing you with this kind of warranty, Hughes Air Heating & Cooling tries to show just how dedicated to our clients we really are. We don’t want your happiness to be short-lived, but rather long-enjoyed! Which brings us to our unique regular maintenance program. If you choose to enroll, you will rid yourself of the hassle of worrying about scheduling servicing appointments and checkups. If you become a member of this program, we simply put you on our list, and schedule regular checkups ourselves. Trust us, we know when one’s due.

    If you want your air conditioning Tempe AZ unit to be long-lasting and well-serving, this is the best option for you. Feel free to contact us per your convenience, either by email or phone, and ask about anything that troubles you. We know we have the answers, it’s only a matter of time before you know it too!