Energy Saving Tips for Cooling in the Spring and Summer

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We all love that instant gratification that comes with air conditioning Gillbert Arizona. But then comes the hard part, which is to be able to stand the heat that comes with paying the inevitably huge electricity bills. That’s why you want your AC system in top condition now that the hot and sunny Arizona days are here.

Stay tuned and check out our handy tips on how to achieve the big three – enjoying the perks of having an AC system and feeling cooler while saving money and being kind to Mother Nature.

Outdoor and indoor temperature must not be worlds apart

Your body is in for a shock if there is a big difference between the temperature in your home and the temperature outside, and so are you – when you see the bill. To achieve the optimum indoor temperature level, set the thermostat slightly higher than you’d like, especially when you are away. You will still feel comfortable and the electricity bill will be a much less unpleasant sight.

Let the moonshine in

Although the windows should be kept shut during the day, late at night you can open them and let the cooler night air in. Not only is it more pleasant than stale indoor air, but also helps you sleep better. Close and cover the windows early in the morning to preserve the cool effect and prevent the sun from taking it away from you.

Fans to the rescue

They might have a bit of that retro thing going on but ceiling fans can actually be rather useful in the hot months. Although they raise the room temperature a little bit, you’ll feel their cooling effect. Just remember to turn the fan off once you leave the room.

The bathroom fan can also contribute to the overall comfort of your home in the warmer months. After taking a shower, be sure to turn it on so it would make the heat go away, not letting it raise the overall temperature of your home.

Home and AC maintenance is everything

Regular maintenance of your AC is needed for it to run efficiently. Fight dust buildup in the AC system by frequent vacuuming. Avoid placing appliances and devices that emit heat near the thermostat so as to prevent the AC from working harder and longer.

Be rational in terms of using appliances that generate heat in general, so as to achieve higher energy efficiency overall. This applies to lighting as well – although you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight, daylight will benefit both your health and your energy efficiency.

Air conditioning Gillbert Arizona service protects you from excessive heat and bills

Air conditioning Gillbert Arizona is a must-have in the upcoming hot months, so make sure your AC system is up to the task and not just eating away at your hard-earned cash. Our trusted team will pay you a visit so you’ll be all set for when you need your AC to be up and running the most. Give Hughes Air Conditioning Repair & Service a call today!

that comes with air conditioning Gillbert Arizona.