Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On? Here’s Why

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Bearing the sizzling summer heat isn’t easy, especially if you live in Arizona. In fact, most people would feel utterly lost without their trusted air conditioners. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario will happen to all of us from time to time: the AC simply won’t turn on! 

Why does that happen? What do you do when your AC isn’t working? Read on to find out what could be causing your AC to malfunction and what you can do about it. 

Of course, many AC-related issues may only be handled by experienced HVAC professionals. If you’re experiencing problems with your unit, it’s always best to reach out to the leading AC repair in Scottsdale, AZ and let seasoned technicians fix your AC with unrivaled professionalism, making sure it works as good as new once again. 

How do I turn on the AC in my house?

Sometimes, resolving the issue that’s preventing you from turning on your AC is as simple as checking if your thermostat has power. If it does, then another simple fix might do the trick: make sure that your thermostat is in cool mode. If it’s set to heat and the set thermostat value is higher than the room temperature, your air conditioner won’t turn on. 

In case that doesn’t work, try setting the temperature 5 °F below the current room temperature to check if your unit goes back to normal. If it’s still no good, that means that the thermostat settings are in order and you’re dealing with a different issue.  

Why won’t my AC turn on in my house?

If your AC unit still won’t turn on even though it has power, is in cool mode and is set at a temperature that’s at least 3 degrees lower than the room temperature, then the culprit may be one of the following: 

  • Clogged air filters: check your AC filter. If it’s too dirty, it can reduce airflow and cause the evaporator coils to freeze up and your unit to stop working. Luckily, replacing the filter is all it takes to solve the issue.  
  • Tripped circuit breaker: your AC may have stopped working due to a circuit breaker tripping and cutting off the power. Check your electrical panel for tripped breakers and if there are any, turn them off and then on again. If it trips again, seek expert help.
  • Obstructed condensate drain: over time, the condenser lines in the outdoor unit may get clogged with debris, mold or algae and your AC will shut down to prevent overflowing and water damage. Use a wet-dry vacuum to clear out any debris and blockages. 
  • Dirty evaporator coils: similarly, dirt and debris can build up on your evaporator coils and make your AC less efficient. Dirty evaporator coils can also cause a breakdown of the entire unit. 
  • Damaged wiring: your air conditioner may have stopped working due to a damaged or broken wire. If you often have issues with the electric appliances in your home, you might be dealing with a wiring issue that needs expert attention.

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While you could fix some of the mentioned AC issues yourself, such as a dirty filter or a clogged drain, most of them are definitely best left to professionals. What’s more, most of the problems listed in this article can be prevented by regular AC servicing and maintenance. 

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