Interesting Facts About Heating and Cooling

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How often do you think about your home AC or heating system? Probably not that often, except when you need it, during scorching heat patches or freezing winters. And although your air conditioner Mesa AZ is considered a mere tool today, its history goes a little longer back than most people know. Try to imagine a world with no AC so you can truly appreciate all the interesting facts about heating and cooling we have prepared for you.

The Chinese were the first to create a cooling system

You would probably never think there is more than a century worth of history when it comes to cooling, right? Wrong. The Chinese invented a giant fan consisting of seven wheels which used a crank to cool down a large hall as early as 180 AD. Next time you worry about your AC malfunctioning and what exactly you need to do to fix it, think about how much easier it is nowadays.

Interesting facts about heating and cooling are inextricably linked to newspapers

Even though heating and cooling now serve the purpose of providing people comfort, that wasn’t always the case. Willis Carrier thought of the idea in 1902 as a way to prevent paper from deforming and speed up ink drying in the newspaper company he was working at.

The father of AC never lived long enough to fully develop it

John Gorrie was a doctor from Florida who invented an ice-making machine to cool the air for his patients. Later on, he was given the patent and task to create a similar type of machine for homes and buildings, but he wasn’t able to complete it in his lifetime.

No list of interesting facts about heating and cooling would be complete without mentioning that this is why AC power was first measured in the amount of ice needed for the same effect.

First places to use them commercially were movie theaters

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘summer blockbuster’ but you would never imagine it was coined thanks to air conditioning. Movie theaters were among the first to jump on the air conditioning bandwagon and reap the benefits of AC. As these venues were among the rare places so finely cooled during the blistering heat, people were immediately drawn to them and Hollywood used this to release its most anticipated movies during the summer.

It’s really important for medicine

Medicinal studies and medication development are also areas which benefit greatly from AC. Without its ability to cool and dehumidify air, it would be impossible to study and further develop new medications.

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