Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

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Every home can benefit from the purchase of an AC system so if you haven’t yet bought one for yourself, it’s high time to do so. Look for the most trusted air conditioning service in Arizona to help to choose among the various types of air conditioning systems out there. Picking the right type for your house or building is essential for the system’s efficient operation. Inefficiency is a common AC problem which can lead to you needing a nearby AC repair services provider.

Central air conditioning units

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of AC to be aware of the fact that central air conditioning systems are the most commonly used type. It is a multi-purpose system used for many types of buildings. It relies on a system of ducts which runs throughout the household and enables proper circulation of air. The warm air is extracted from the rooms, circulated through the vents and returned cooled. There are two subtypes.

Split-system types of air conditioning

It’s comprised of two separate cabinets, one of them outside, containing the compressor and condenser parts and the other inside, containing the evaporator. It’s great for cooling down just a single room or two.

Packaged AC

All components are in the same cabinet, usually on the roof or next to a concrete slab. This AC type is primarily used for blowing air into multiple rooms at once.

Ductless mini splits

This system has the similar outline as the central AC system but without the necessary ductwork. There is an exterior component which can be connected to several indoor units through the house. It’s among the most popular types of air conditioning because of the many ways it can be applied. Every indoor unit has an individual thermostat so the temperature can be set individually for all the rooms and easily controlled.

Window air conditioners

They are installed by being mounted on a window inside the house and usually go by the name unitary air conditioning systems. Its means of operations includes transporting the present heat from indoors to outdoors, all the while blowing cool air back into the room. It consists of the one unit which is pretty efficient in cooling single rooms, but not so much when it comes to larger homes.

Portable air conditioners

No list of types of air conditioning units is complete without mentioning portable air conditioners. They are similar to window AC units in that they are great for heating or cooling a single room, but they have an additional perk. They can be moved when necessary, so the first choice of installation doesn’t have to be the final one. Plus, they are very efficient and cost-effective.

Heat pumps

They are considered to be a hybrid type of air conditioning systems which use both the heating and the cooling option with the same efficiency. This makes them great for both the summer and the winter months.

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Choosing the right AC type for your home is essential for its efficient operation, so if you’re still uncertain, call the pros! With EHS, you can go through the various types of air conditioning systems fast and with ease. Whether you require reliable AC installation, quality testing and inspection or expert AC maintenance and repair, EHS is your go-to choice. Go ahead and shoot us a call!