How Air Conditioning Works

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Having an air conditioning system in your home has become the norm and it’s something we sometimes take for granted. We realize just how useful it is if it breaks down and we need to call air conditioning repair in Arizona to our aid. Often, we fail to grasp how air conditioning works and rely on mere assumptions. There are several types of air conditioning systems which can be employed in your household, but their basic principle of operation is the same. Let’s see how an AC works its magic!  


The refrigerant is present throughout the entire AC system, regardless of its type. It has a low boiling point and enables safe operation of the system, as the system exploits its ability to change states from liquid into gas at very low temperatures. It represents the basis of how air conditioning works and the whole cooling process would be impossible without it.


This is the main muscle of the system, in charge of distributing the refrigerant through all the other key elements of the system. This distribution creates a circle in which the refrigerant is first a warm vapor with low pressure which enters the compressor and then a hot vapor with high pressure when it leaves it. It’s a part of the outdoor unit and a malfunctioning compressor is among the most common reasons for having to reach out to local AC repair.


The condenser is used to transform the refrigerant from a hot vapor into a hot liquid with its condensing coils. This is done via their metal fins conducting heat from the coils. There is a condenser fan which spreads air all over them to boost the cooling process. All these parts are also located in the outdoor unit, an important part of how air conditioning works. Some of the most common AC problems can manifest as a consequence of something being wrong with the condenser.

How Air Conditioning Works: Expansion valve

It plays the most important role in the whole cooling cycle by changing states and heat properties where needed. The expansion valve is meant to cool the hot liquid into a cool mist by expanding it. It also decreases its pressure levels before it enters the evaporator.


This is where the cooling process ends and begins anew. The hot air from your house is spread onto the coils and combined with the cool refrigerant gas from the expansion valve. The refrigerant cools the air which is circulated back through the ducts into your house. While it does that, the gathering heat causes it to boil and change state once again. It becomes a warm vapor and is sent back to the compressor for another cooling cycle.

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