Leaky Air Conditioner? These Might Be the Reasons

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There are many reasons why your air conditioning Scottsdale unit might be leaking, and here’s a list of the most common ones.

Drain pan is cracked or clogged

Air conditioning Scottsdale repair professionals list problems with the drain pan as the most frequent reason for a leaking unit.

As the unit nears the limit of the service life, it is extremely common for the drain pan to become rusted and corroded. Water then freely drains through the pan, making a puddle underneath. Pan replacement fixes the problem easily.

Sometimes dust, algae, and debris collect in the drain pan, leading to a clogged drain hole. If this is the cause, simply clean the pan and resolve the issue.

Condensate line is clogged or damaged

If there are no problems with the pan, the next thing to have inspected is the condensate line. A PVC pipe is what usually makes condensate lines, which back up water when clogged.

Water starts to collect in the pipe, as well as the drain pan, leading to the inability of the system to drain itself properly. Flushing the pipe resolves the issue promptly.

Condensate drain pump is faulty

If your air conditioning Scottsdale unit was installed in the basement, then you have a drain pump. And if it breaks or malfunctions, you are definitely going to have leakages.

If the drain pump doesn’t work as it should, it will back up the entire draining system. There is no other solution for this problem than to replace it. Always have trained repair experts perform this service.

The filter is dirty

As mentioned earlier, a dirty air filter can cause a variety of issues, leaking being one of them. This problem is usually prevented by scheduling regular maintenance.

A dirty air filter usually leads to frozen evaporator coils. As the coils begin to thaw, they produce excess water which the drain pan simply cannot handle. Water begins to dribble, and you begin to notice.

Low refrigerant

Air conditioning unit with low to no refrigerant is the cause of many problems. The biggest of the problems is that the system won’t be as effective as it used to be. That is also the easiest way to spot that you are low on refrigerant.

Another issue is similar to the one caused by dirty air filters. Lack of refrigerant also causes the evaporator coils to freeze, leading to drain pan overflow and subsequent leaks.

Outside temperature

This issue usually occurs towards the end of the cooling season. When the temperatures start to drop, and you continue to run your air conditioning unit, it is possible and frequent for the cooling coils to ice up.

You can prevent this by not turning on your air conditioner when the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or by not straining your unit to much during this period.

Incorrect installation

Probably not the case, as most professionals have installed so many units it has become second nature to them.

However, if the crew is new or in training, the leaks may be due to incorrect installation. This might be the reason why your brand new unit is leaking water.

If it’s leaking, air conditioning Scottsdale repair crew can stop it

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