Best AC Thermostat Settings for Warmer Months

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You might be under the impression that using AC is no rocket science – you just grab the remote and turn it on. The trick, though, is to understand all the intricacies of your air conditioning system’s functions so as to use it in a tech-savvy way. Not only will this help you avoid needing air conditioning repair Tempe Arizona, but you’ll also be able to use the AC and its thermostat settings to achieve optimum efficiency.

One way to do this is through a programmable thermostat, which is becoming increasingly popular across US, especially in Arizona. If you like to be in control of things even before you get home from work, a Wi-Fi thermostat might be just for you.

But before you decide on a potential upgrade, and before the Sun decides to really turn up the heat, let’s take a look at the best AC thermostat settings.

Common thermostat setting pitfalls

If you think setting the thermostat at a lower temperature will get the AC to cool the place down faster, you’re sadly mistaken. Not only will it not do the job any faster, but the house will be much cooler than necessary. The worst part is that you’ll bear unnecessary costs as a result, in addition to running the risk of overworking your AC. Setting a higher temperature, on the other hand, means your house will be less prone to attracting more heat.

The optimum indoor temperature in warm weather

If you at home, set the temperature at 78⁰ F. it should be perfect to keep you cool at a comfortable level while saving energy. If you can feel comfortable at a higher temperature, even better! When away from home, set the thermostat to 85⁰ F (eco mode is your friend) or turn off the cooling system altogether. The secret is to make the difference between outdoor temperature and indoor temperature as small as possible. Without a doubt, you’ll thank yourself for sticking to this rule once you get the electricity bill.

If you’re used to a lower setting in the hot months, worry not. Your body will easily adapt to the change if you increase the setting by a single degree each day over a single week.

Thermostat location

The literal setting of your thermostat is important too. The device should be away from sources of direct sunlight and draft, preferably placed on an interior wall. Also make sure that it is not being surrounded by furniture as you want the air around it to flow naturally.

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