Top Tips for Taking Care of Your AC During Summer

May 31, 2021

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    Proper AC care and maintenance are essential, especially in the summer when most homeowners use their units almost all the time. High temperatures and temperature fluctuations can have a great influence on an AC lifespan.

    It’s important to think ahead and schedule regular air conditioner maintenance service to make sure your unit is operating properly. With regular AC care and a few simple steps, you can avoid some summer air conditioner problems. Here are a few guidelines that can help you take care of your air conditioner in the summer. 

    Should I cover my AC unit in the summer?

    There are items designed to work in unfavorable conditions and one of them is your air conditioner. The outside unit will spend a significant amount of time operating in bad weather and it is designed to withstand that. Its internal parts are sealed from moisture, so no need to worry about that. Also, if you think it should be protected from dust, dirt, debris and leaves, you should avoid covering your system as this can cause damage.

    Covering your AC unit isn’t generally advised for minimum three reasons:

    • It accelerates mold growth.
    • It creates conditions for corrosion.
    • It’s a shelter for rodents and birds.

    What do you do if your AC goes out in the summer?

    Almost everyone in the US has air conditioning. That is a lot of units that need to be in perfect working condition. Most of the  AC malfunctions are caused by ignoring possible problems and failing to schedule regular services. 

    However, whether your AC breaks down in the middle of summer unexpectedly or for some other reasons, it’s important to know what to do. Here are a few ways to cope with this situation:

    1. Call the pros ASAP

    When your AC fails, you should call the professionals to inspect and identify the issue. They will suggest an adequate solution and take steps needed to fix the problem.

    2. Cool down the room

    Try to cool your room with fans until your AC is fixed. It is not like the ‘real deal’, but it’s good enough to make your day a little bit more bearable.

    3. Chill out

    Having a medium cold or cold shower can also help you feel more comfortable while the experts are handling the problem. That way you will lower your temperature for some time and feel much more relaxed. Also, drink lots of water and wear cotton shirts.

    4. Reduce incoming heat

    Try to keep sunlight from coming into your house until your air conditioner is operational again. For example, thick, dark curtains are a good choice.

    5. Reduce generating heat

    Make sure you turn off all appliances that may generate unnecessary heat, such as small appliances or lightbulbs. Also, avoid cooking at least for a while.

    6. Open the windows

    While your shades and curtains should be closed during the day, opening the windows in the evening and during the night can invite freshness into your home. 

    Following these simple steps is a great temporary solution to help you feel more comfortable until your air conditioning is fixed. 

    Where can I find reliable air conditioner maintenance service in Scottsdale & the region?

    Do you need AC assistance anywhere in Scottsdale, Tempe, Queens Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, and other Arizona cities? Since maintenance is not a one-time job, it’s good to have experts on a speed dial.

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