What Do You Need to Know About HVAC Efficiency?

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HVAC, short for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning”, is the technology that serves to keep adequate temperature indoor and maintain air quality at a satisfactory level. As its name says, this represents a combination of ventilation, heating and cooling systems.

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Considering the enormous advantages of HVAC systems and their widespread use, it’s not surprising that the energy consumed by them annually represents a big portion of nationwide energy usage. Therefore, we should focus on their efficiency and all the aspects that you need to have in mind when dealing with this amazing system.

What is HVAC efficiency?What is HVAC efficiency

Experts have come up with a wide spectrum of efficiency rates which should serve as indicators of HVAC efficiency. They cover several factors, including the performances of the equipment itself, its installation, but also personal use and maintenance. Here are some of the parameters you need to bear in mind when purchasing heat pumps, AC or any other similar equipment:

  • SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It serves to calculate the efficiency of cooling systems by comparing the amount of electricity used to run the AC over an average season to the amount of cooling that the unit provides over that time.
  • EER – Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is similar to SEER in terms of what is compared. However, unlike Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, EER is not measured over a season, but a specific period of time and higher temperatures.
  • Energy Star. This rating serves to identify the energy efficiency of a product and ensures that it meets certain standards that were set based on a number of tests conducted in a controlled environment. So, if you see the easily recognizable Energy Star logo on a piece of equipment that you plan to buy, you can be sure that you are not making a mistake.
  • HSPF – Heating Seasonal Performance Factors. HVAC systems are not just about cooling, and that’s why you need a ratio designed to measure the heating efficiency of heat pumps. The calculation principle is the same as for EER and SEER.
  • AFUE – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. AFUE tells us how efficiently fuel transforms into heat energy. The goal is to reduce fuel loss as much as possible and consequently increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

What affects HVAC efficiency?

Your ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. But, to be able to do so, you’ll need to get acquainted with the factors which influence it in the first place. Here is what we’ve singled out for you to cast a glance at:

  1. Sizing. Your HVAC unit should not be too small or too big. Otherwise, you will either end up paying for frequent repair services since your system will have to work much harder to achieve an optimal temperature in such a spacious place or you’ll end up spending an excessive amount of energy and wasting your money.
  2. The age of your unit. With the advancement of technology, new HVAC systems are becoming more efficient year after year. So, if your unit is older than 15 years, it’s high time you traded it for a newer model and saved some money.
  3. Maintenance. Keeping your HVAC system regularly maintained and serviced by certified professionals is the key to prolonging its lifespan.What affects HVAC efficiency

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