AC Breakdown: Can a Dirty Filter Be the Culprit?

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To restore your indoor comfort as soon as possible, professionals who perform top-quality AC repair in Scottsdale on daily basis have to identify the culprits swiftly and efficiently.  No one knows more about the intricate details of the complex system that is your AC than professional teams of companies restoring the functionality of air conditioners on daily basis.

Unless they determine that your AC is beyond help, they can proceed to fix whatever is wrong with it. Although you might not always be able to troubleshoot your AC system as efficiently, you could give it a shot, especially if the problem is something as simple as the system’s air filter. Read on to learn more.

Why is my AC not blowing hard?

Why is my AC not blowing hard?

When an AC is not blowing hard enough, there are several potential culprits to look out for. These include:

  • Blocked vents
  • Kinks on your flex ducts
  • Duct system leaks
  • Blower fan malfunction
  • Dirty evaporator coil

For now, we’ll focus on the last one.

What is an evaporator coil and how does it collect dirt?

Usually, the evaporator coil will get dirty because you’re running your AC with a dirty or non-existent air filter. Is is one of the mandatory steps of the cooling process that air blows over the evaporator coil.

If there is no air filter or if the air filter is covered in dirt, the evaporator coil becomes clogged with dirt. This blocks the airflow and causes the airflow to weaken and lose force.

What is AC filter?

An AC filter might not seem like a crucial component of the AC system to an outsider, but it most certainly plays a huge part in the system. A dirty or missing air filter will impair the system’s functionality. In fact, if you neglect your AC filter for a long period of time, it could lead to major malfunctions and, by extension, more expensive repairs.

Can I run my AC without a filter?

You can but not for a very long time. In other words, you should never do it. Running your AC without the filter will cause dirt to stick to the evaporator coil.

Why is replacing the air filter on regular basis important?

Lungs are a delicate organ and exposing them to the hazardous particles from indoor air is never a good idea. The purpose of the filter is to protect the health of everyone in the house by purifying indoor air.

Inhaling stale indoor air full of dangerous particles can have a detrimental effect on health. In the worst case scenario, it could lead to serious respiratory diseases and development or aggravation of allergy symptoms.

How often should I replace the air filter?

As a rule of thumb, the air filter should be replaced every three months or so. This will be done as part of the system’s regular maintenance so you can rely on your contractor to set up a schedule. However, if you have pets or suffer from allergies, replacing the air filter should be done more frequently. Experts recommend doing it once every 30-45 days.

Can I run my AC without a filter?

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