Is My AC Beyond Repair?

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With high-quality air conditioning repair service in Scottsdale at your fingertips, you tend to forget that not every AC emergency can be solved. At some point, repairing it is no longer an option. When you can no longer rely on professionals to step in and bring the system back to life, it’s time to say goodbye to it. When you consider the possible reasons why your AC has stopped working and the potentially high repair costs, what other option do you have?

How many years does an air conditioner last?

How many years does an air conditioner last?

Responsible homeowners treat their air conditioners with diligent care, allowing them to make the most of or even lengthen the lifespan of the system. These are some of the factors that could affect the lifespan of an AC:

  • The quality of your home’s insulation
  • Actions that affect your household’s energy efficiency
  • Whether the system undergoes regular professional maintenance
  • How long the system has been in use
  • Whether the system has been overused
  • Whether the system has been underused
  • Whether the system was used in accordance with the user manual instructions

On average, an AC system should last you about 10-15 years. If you make sure the system undergoes regular maintenance by a reputable professional service, its lifespan could be significantly longer. In fact, it could last you over 20 years.

It’s important not to neglect the unit. Simple issues like dirty air filters tend to escalate. Likewise, do not overuse it. Avoid the common mistake homeowners make: never force the system to achieve an unreasonable difference between the temperature in your home and the temperature outside.

When is replacing my AC the way to go?

Sometimes, fixing your old AC is feasible. However, the cost is too high and cannot be justified by the few extra years the repair will buy you. If we assume that you’re not emotionally attached to your AC, you’re much better off making a rational choice.

Older generations of air conditioners are also notorious for being energy hogs, so fixing it is often not the way to go. If replacing your AC has become inevitable, focus on the silver lining. At least now you can go for an option with maximum energy efficiency.

What causes an AC compressor to stop working?

If your AC compressor has stopped working, the time to look for a brand new solution for your home’s air conditioning has probably come. In other words, the cost of repair could be staggeringly high. Worse yet, the repair could be completely impossible. Here are the potential causes:

  • Electrical failure
  • Presence of contaminants in the system
  • Dirty coils
  • Blocked lines
  • Inadequate suction line size
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Too much refrigerant
  • Inadequate oil lubricant level
What causes an AC compressor to stop working?

When should I replace my AC unit?

The time to replace your AC unit is when a professional AC technician determines with absolute certainty that the unit consumes too much energy without the capacity for desired performance.

Also, as we mentioned before, sometimes a replacement is simply the more reasonable option, as the cost of repair could rise to thousands of dollars, especially with the older generations. The right AC system for you home needs to have high energy efficiency, achieve top-notch performance, as well as be a budget-friendly option for your household.

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Scottsdale, home to the marvelous Tonto National Forest, is an amazing place, but it sure tends to get hot. If you’ve decided that you’re better off buying a brand new AC system instead of paying for air conditioning repair service in Scottsdale, we’re here for you. That’s not to say we’ll give up on your old AC without putting up a fight! But we definitely want to help you make the right choice.

From the moment we complete the AC installation process, you’ll never have to worry about what comes next. Owing to the industrious, professional maintenance that our trusted technicians will schedule and perform from time to time, your AC will be up and running for many happy years to come.

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