The Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Working

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why is my air conditioner not cooling my houseLiving in Arizona with a non-functional AC is the worst case scenario. If your AC is broken, you want to know what caused it and how it can be fixed. When it comes to air conditioning repair in Scottsdale, Arizona, you want to assign that task to the very best in the business of AC repair and maintenance. Once you find the right AC service and repair company, you’ll have nothing to worry about. But for now, let’s focus on something else entirely and take a look at what might be causing your AC to fail to operate properly or at all.

What should I do if my AC is not working?

You can try some DIY troubleshooting, but calling the professionals is still your safest bet. However, be very careful when it comes to whom to call. Even though it may appear that any HVAC professional will do, this is often not the case. First of all, you might be overcharged for the service or, worse yet, forced to pay for the replacement of parts that didn’t need to be replaced in the first place.

Unfortunately, many HVAC companies will go to any lengths to rip you off for poorly executed services. They’ll stop at nothing until you’re left with no alternative than to call them time and again for a redo because the malfunction hasn’t been taken care of properly. What you need is a reliable AC maintenance service that will never overcharge you and that will make sure your AC is always in shipshape condition!

Why is my air conditioner not cooling my house?

Not only could you find yourself in the situation that your air conditioner is unable to cool your home, it could even blow lukewarm or hot air. First, take a look at the thermostat. It could be set to “ON” instead of “AUTO”. If that is the case, the unit’s fan is running non-stop even if it’s not doing any of the desired many degrees can an air conditioner cool

Another potential culprit could be the filter. If it’s dirty or in urgent need of replacement, it can drastically reduce the air flowing into your AC, which results in multiple issues. The main ones are that the AC becomes unable to circulate enough cool air and the evaporator coil freezes, rendering the AC largely or completely unable to cool air.

Among the other culprits, those that require help from experienced AC professionals include a bad compressor, low refrigerant level or a refrigerant leak and a faulty/broken fan motor of the condenser unit.

Could the outside unit be at fault?

Oh yes, it most certainly can. The inside unit absorbs heat from the air inside your home and transfers said heat to the outside unit. However, since the outside unit is, as the name implies, located outside, it gets easily and quickly covered with dirt and debris. If that is the case, the condenser (inside the outside unit) could definitely use some cleaning. You could simply spray the unit using the garden hose, but be careful not to blast it on a high setting or you run the risk of damaging the fins on it. Also make sure to get rid of any weed surrounding the unit on regular basis.

How many degrees can an air conditioner cool?

Following the recommendations of the Center for Sustainable Energy, you should use your AC in a rational way. Aside from cost-effectiveness, unit efficiency and environmental protection, an important reason to do this is the health and safety of you and all the other members of your household. Normally, the AC system is designed to cool indoor air by 15 or 20 degrees at a time. Of course, you can get the system to drop the temperature even lower than that, but chances are that would feel pretty uncomfortable after a while.

Of course, if there’s something wrong with your air conditioner, it will fail to reach a significant drop in temperature that you were so looking forward to on your way home. This is why regular maintenance is extremely important − your trusted AC crew will not only predict but also prevent problems and malfunctions that affect the system’s efficiency. And if the system is not as efficient as it is supposed to be, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of having it in the first place.

How do I reset my AC unit?

Sometimes, there’s either a surge in power supply or a power outage. This will normally cause the circuit breaker to pop and you’ll have no other choice but to reset the AC unit. Two reasons why you should do this: it makes the circuit breaker incapable of starting the compressor and protecting the unit from fire, explosions and other disastrous occurrences you definitely want to avoid. In other words, the circuit breaker is an essential component of the AC do I reset my AC unit

Luckily, the process of resetting an AC unit is fairly simple. Just remember that you should only reset the AC unit if you are absolutely certain you have stable power supply. After you’ve made sure of that, find the reset button. Press the button for 3 seconds, then release it. Wait for a few moments, then press and hold for 3 seconds once again. You can then expect the unit to respond with 3 consecutive beeps and the system should be reset immediately.

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