Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

When the cold winter weather comes, a furnace becomes one of the most important appliances in your household. It keeps you and your family warm and comfortable and facilitates all…

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Best Heating Options for Your Arizona Room

An Arizona room can be a great addition to your home. It is a great way to enjoy the sunshine without having to go outside. Such a comfort is also great when it comes to socializing with guests and relaxing during long summer days. But when the colder days arrive and the day shortens, your […]

Be in the Zone with a Zone Control HVAC System

Difficult as choosing a suitable HVAC system for your home can be, there is one solution that rises above all others – a zone control HVAC system. The benefits of spending a bit more money initially are manifold. Let’s take a look at what experienced professionals involved with heating service Scottsdale AZ have to say. […]

Common Furnace Issues that Call for Heating Repair Tempe AZ

Winter may have come to Westeros but you’ve still got some time to get ready for the heating season. The first thing to do is to evaluate your heating system and see if it needs an upgrade or even a replacement. Regardless of the outcome of the evaluation, the second thing on the agenda is […]

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heating Unit?

Did you know that running your cooling and heating unit accounts for around 40% of your home’s energy bills? With the winter season approaching, this information should make you evaluate your heating system and see if the heat pump, furnace or other parts need an upgrade or replacement. Winter is coming, and you’d better be […]

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Having a pet is one of the greatest joys of life but at the same time one of the greatest responsibilities. Owners have to take care of them because pets are not simply toys; they are family members who need care and attention. Pets require walking and cleaning up after, but there is also effort required […]

Reasons to Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are becoming more and more popular and common throughout the United States. Due to the average temperatures and the usual heat, an air conditioner in Tempe AZ is a necessity for homeowners. More and more people have started to notice the financial and other benefits of owning a programmable thermostat. Here are some […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Heating & Cooling (Part 2)

As promised in our previous article with FAQs about HVAC, we’re back with new helpful pieces of information on heating and cooling, that indispensable part of modern living, especially if you live in Mesa, Arizona. Read on to find out more about the health and safety aspects, efficiency matters, and the type of air conditioner […]

How to Use Your AC Unit to Alleviate Allergies

If you live in Mesa, AZ, you know the feeling. You are instantly relieved just thinking of that cool indoor breeze when you return home on a sweltering hot Arizona day and are just about to  turn on the air-conditioner, but here’s what must be worrying you: How will it affect your or your family’s […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Heating & Cooling (Part 1)

A heating and cooling system is a vital component of every home, office or commercial property. Not only does it keep the temperatures pleasantly cool or warm, it also influences the quality of air. To make sure your HVAC system is up to par, you should get thoroughly informed. Many home and business owners want […]