A Quick Guide to Electric Furnaces

September 17, 2018

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    If your home is in need of a heating solution, the leading lights in heating repair Chandler AZ suggest that you should not shy away from electric furnaces.

    How electric furnaces work

    Electric furnaces adopt the same principle as many other house appliances, such as toasters or hair dryers. The blower first pulls all the air through a cold-air return grille, and into the air handler cabinet. Then, the heating elements come into play, making the air warmer as it passes through them. After that, warm air is distributed through the ducts and into the house. This method of heating is known as the forced-air system. It is simple, effective, and it heats the air rather quickly. No wonder heating repair Gilbert AZ professionals often recommend it.

    Why people opt for electric furnaces

    There are many reasons to select an electric furnace over other alternatives, and here are the most important of them.

    • Money – Electric furnaces are among the less expensive heating solutions for your home. The reason for this is the simplicity of the system. Electric furnaces use electric coils to heat the air, meaning they are a lot cheaper to make. This does not mean they are inferior in any way though.
    • Installation costs – Lower installation costs are high on the list of priorities when shopping for a heating system. Your resident heating repair Gilbert AZ experts do not need to install a flue or gas lines, which makes the installation process less disruptive and considerably cheaper.
    • Safety – Electric furnaces are among the safest heating solutions on the market. It is because they do not emit any carbon monoxide. This not only means that you will not breathe in any harmful gases, but also that you will do your part in preserving the environment.
    • Life span – Electric furnaces can last a long time, twenty to thirty years to be precise, and perhaps even longer if you maintain them properly. You will probably forget the day you bought one.

    How to maintain them

    When it comes to regular maintenance, there are some things you have to pay attention to, but it is always better to call a heating repair Gilbert AZ professional if an issue arises. You should always try to keep any dust away the electric heating system. Also, if you manage the indoor humidity level, you will increase the lifespan of your unit. You should always have a professional change your air filters regularly, and check your blower blades. A check-up should be performed once a year.

    Energy efficiency

    You might be surprised to hear this, but electric furnaces are 100% energy efficient. There is absolutely no loss of energy in the system. An electric furnace converts all the electricity into heat. If you want no waste of energy or money, look no further.

    The best heating repair Gilbert AZ service

    If you find yourself yearning for an electric heating system for your home, come to Hughes Air Heating & Cooling. Here you will undoubtedly find the right heating option for you, while we can install it and help you maintain it. Stop by today!