Why Does My Heater Smell Bad?

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Turning your heater on for the first time after summer, you may notice a smell that shouldn’t be there. There are many reasons why an unpleasant smell can occur, so read on to know when to call professionals from heater service Gilbert AZ.


The period of summer dormancy for your heater is over, which means it must have accumulated a certain amount of dust. Debris and dust usually build up on the heat exchanger or other heating elements. Heater service Gilbert AZ experts say the unpleasant, burning smell is simply accumulated dust being burned. Warm air pumps the smell throughout your entire home, making it really noticeable. But, you can’t do anything about the dust, it’s just good to know you shouldn’t fret.


The bad smell can also occur if the motor of your heater is overworked. The culprit is usually a clogged filter. Changing the filter is the only option, as not only will the bad smell become worse, but there is a strong possibility of the motor giving out entirely. There is no better time to change the air filter than prior to the heating season, so if you haven’t done so recently, contact heater service Gilbert AZ professionals as soon as possible.


This is one of the most obvious, but also most overlooked reasons for the appearance of an unpleasant smell from your heater. An object may simply be too close to the vents or your heating unit. When you turn on your heater after a long time, these objects can get really hot, or burn even. Inspect the area for any flammable items, plastic, or fabric, increase the clearance, and the problem should go away.

Electrical problems

Probably all of us are familiar with the smell of burning electrical components. If you get even the slightest whiff of a component overheating, there’s a chance of an electrical problem. This is something you should never attempt to fix on your own. Always call professional heater service Gilbert AZ to inspect electrical wiring and the motor. Don’t risk it.

Bad ventilation

In recent years, energy-efficient doors, windows, and insulation have become increasingly popular. Which is a good thing. However, they do not let air escape your home. This does help lower the monthly energy bill, but it also prevents adequate air circulation and ventilation. The lack of fresh air for your HVAC system causes a stale odor. Nothing too serious, but do try to turn off your heater unit from time to time. Also, allow your home to breathe by regularly airing it out and ventilating.

Bacteria growth

Bacteria makes everything sound more serious. The mere notion of it gets people worried. But it is normal for some bacteria to grow on the coils of your heat pump. The result of bacteria growth inside your heating unit is a smell people describe as the smell of dirty socks. Not pleasant at all. But it is nothing to worry about, as it can be quickly remedied by contacting your resident heater Gilbert AZ technicians. Getting rid of the bacteria is also part of routine maintenance.

Heater service Gilbert AZ gets rid of stenches, odors, and stinks

If you notice bad-smelling air coming out of your heating unit, you probably want it eliminated quickly and efficiently, as it can really ruin the atmosphere. Heater repair and maintenance experts from Hughes Air Heating & Cooling are here to do the job, and do it well. Contact us at the first whiff!