Heater Repair or Replace – A Constant Dilemma

December 27, 2017

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    It usually happens at the worst possible time – a cold winter’s day, you want a bit more heat to go with your morning coffee, but nothing. Your carefully chosen unit has stalled. Should I repair it, or should I replace it? Here are a couple of things to consider, courtesy of heater repair Scottsdale professionals.


    Usually the most important reason. If there is any suspicion of your heating unit becoming a hazard, replace it. And don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Let’s just provide a common example. A broken heat exchanger may emit carbon monoxide into the air you breathe. And yes, it is poisonous, so never risk it.

    Smaller issues can always be repaired, but it is always best to rely upon your resident heater repair Scottsdale expert for inspection and advice.


    All equipment, heating included, has a life expectancy. The older the unit, the more glitches it is expected to develop. The average heating unit lifespan is roughly 15 to 20 years. So, the first course of action would be to check the date of manufacture. Because, why repair a unit nearing its end? Money down the drain. Instead, if it’s already on its last legs, it would be money better spent investing into a fresh unit. Can you imagine repairing it, only for it to break down irreparably the next day?


    The condition of your unit is in close relation to its lifespan. If your unit has been with you for quite some time, there is a possibility of it being less reliable. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You might be one of the lucky few, with your 15-year-old heating unit working just as the day you bought it.


    Oh yes, the costs. All of us tend to think about the financial aspect fist. And it’s normal. But sometimes, spending a bit more means spending less in the long run. It all depends on the magnitude of the breakdown. At times, it is really unwise to replace your heating unit because of a small malfunction, easily and cheaply repaired. At other times, however, repairing is the wrong way to go. If the unit is old, sometimes even the smallest repairs are ill-advised, as there is no guarantee they will not come back to haunt you.


    The unit’s efficiency is also an aspect to consider. You wouldn’t want your carbon footprints harming the environment? There is a system that measures the amount of fuel converted into heat, and the amount being wasted up the chimney. Simply put, heating systems which are older tend to waste more fuel, which is consequently released into the atmosphere, polluting the air. So, if you want to be just a tad greener, replacing your heating system with a newer, more efficient one might be the way to go.

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    Even if you’ve looked at it from every angle, you may still be unsure about the best course of action. Relax. Hughes Air Conditioning & Heating Repair is here to provide assistance. We are to here to help you reach a decision and put it into action. Feel free to call anytime.