Why Should I Invest in a Zoned HVAC System?

March 19, 2020

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If you want to upgrade your home and give it a new level of comfort, think about investing in HVAC zoning. This represents the process of separating your cooling and heating systems allowing you to manipulate them independently in each section of your home.

In case you are not very familiar with the concept, you can always contact your Scottsdale air conditioning expert and ask them for advice regarding the best heating/cooling solution for your home. These seasoned AC repair professionals will be happy to share their knowledge and explain to you how a zoned HVAC system works, as well as answer any other questions that you may have.

Let’s see what the main benefits of HVAC zoning are and if it is worth investing in:

Is HVAC zoning worth it?

If you just think about the amount of control over the temperature in your house that this system will allow you, you’ll see why it is absolutely worth an investment. Here are some of the most amazing benefits HVAC zoning has to offer that will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet:

Improved control and comfort

Does HVAC zoning save money

Thanks to a zoned HVAC system, you will be able to easily regulate the energy use and temperature in your household. For instance, you may finally keep your bedroom cooler than the rest of the house, while at the same time increase the heating in the children’s room to keep them warm at night.

With this system, every individual in a household will be able to adjust the temperature in their room independently from all the others. So, if your roommates have been driving you crazy with their constant tampering with the thermostat in your apartment, installing a zoned HVAC system will put an end to your quarreling and help you live peacefully once again.

Increased house value

Since zoned HVAC systems are becoming more and more popular across Arizona and beyond, home buyers are willing to pay more for houses that come with them. So, if you’re thinking about selling your property, installing a zoned HVAC system may be a smart and efficient way to boost the value of your house and strike a better deal.

Better air quality

Another wonderful benefit of this AC system is that it can improve indoor air quality. Since every room is heated and cooled separately, no allergens and dust mites will be transferred from one part of the house to another. So, even if you allow your pet in your living room, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing that your bedroom is safe from allergens like pet dander and similar. How amazing is that!?

Less wear and tear

The fact that this system allows you to keep just some parts of your home cooled or heated means that it won’t have to work that hard to maintain the required temperature. This will consequently result in significantly less wear and tear and help increase its life span.

Does HVAC zoning save money?

Absolutely yes! Installing this system may mean a slightly bigger initial investment, but it will definitely pay off in the long run, and this is why:

Is HVAC zoning worth it

Energy efficiency: Since you can finally heat or cool only the rooms that you need air-conditioned, your HVAC will be using significantly less energy to maintain the desired temperature in your home.

More savings: It has been estimated that by installing a zoned HVAC system, a person may save up to 30% on their heating and cooling bills. Wouldn’t you love that!?

Fewer repair expenses: Less wear and tear means less money spent on repair. You just need to ensure that you have trusted AC professionals by your side who will help you maintain your HVAC system properly and thus prolong its life span.

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Now that you fully understand what a zoned HVAC system is and why you should invest in it, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our premier team of experts will help you implement this state-of-the-art technology into your home and help you maintain it year-round. You’ll finally be able to enjoy the improved indoor air quality and have an AC system that will work as an efficient air purifier.

Here at Hughes Air, we strive to follow the latest trends in the industry, and we take great pride in our installation and repair services in Scottsdale and the nearby area. Rest assured that if you give us a call about any AC-related issue, we will do our best to fix it as efficiently as possible. Instead of sitting around and worrying too much, you can use this time to relax, take a stroll, or go hiking at the magnificent Camelback Mountain.