Breathe Cleaner Air at Home

Think a HEPA filter is all you need to be breathing the cleanest possible air? Not really! The CleanEffects Air Cleaner from Trane is designed to catch particulates as small…

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Ductless Systems Offer Superior Flexibility for Retrofits and More!

Many older homes were constructed without air ducts for central heating and cooling, simply because that technology was not available or practical at the time. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with inadequate climate control or that you have to foot the bill for expensive duct installation in order to enjoy a cozy space in […]

Heating System Ready Before Cooler Weather

With cooler weather on the way, now is the time to think about fall maintenance. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to get their heat pump or furnace ready for the heating season. Getting your heating system ready for winter now can save you plenty of headaches later. Your Tune-up […]