Energy Saving Tips for Cooling in the Spring and Summer

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We all love that instant gratification that comes with air conditioning Gillbert Arizona. But then comes the hard part, which is to be able to stand the heat that comes with paying the inevitably huge electricity bills. That’s why you want your AC system in top condition now that the hot and sunny Arizona days are here.

Stay tuned and check out our handy tips on how to achieve the big three – enjoying the perks of having an AC system and feeling cooler while saving money and being kind to Mother Nature.

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How to Troubleshoot a Troubled Home Air Conditioning Unit?

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Air conditioning Gilbert AZ is an indispensable element of every household in Gilbert, AZ. With summer being just around the corner, a troubled home AC unit spells trouble. Once you discover a reliable local air conditioning contractor, you’ll be able to spare yourself the hassle of going through the ordeal on your own. In the meantime, we’re here to spread wisdom and provide tips on home air conditioning troubleshoot.

AC unit won’t start

This one sounds scary, but it might not be. It could be something as simple as a blown fuse or a tripping circuit breaker, and the solutions to both are simple. The costs here are minimum since you can DIY – replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

Wiring issues are another potential culprit, in which case you might need to enlist the services of a professional. Thermostat issues could also cause unit failure.

Put the blame on the thermostat

A malfunctioning or improperly calibrated thermostat could simply stop communicating with the AC, so it fails to kick-start its normal routine. This happens more frequently with the older versions, but it can also happen with programmable thermostats, if they haven’t been programmed correctly.

AC won’t keep the noise down

The basic home air conditioning troubleshoot in terms of noise should include checking the fan motors, which normally cool air by pushing it toward the evaporator coil. The fans could get noisy due to being covered in debris or being damaged. Have an HVAC technician look into it to prevent more damage to the unit.

Damaged and leaky ducts

Tears in the ductwork could cause AC inefficiency. Leaky ducts will not only make you sweat, but also take toll on your electricity bill.

Clogged drain

If the drain is clogged, the excess moisture will have nowhere to go, causing it to back up in the form of water and potentially damage the system.

The condenser coil not doing its job

The condenser coil is a major element of the AC. It releases the hot air outside of your home. But since it too is located outside, it is exposed to dirt and various forms of debris. If so, it will not do a very good job, causing the unit to work harder without the cooling effect.

The evaporator coil is frozen stiff

Reduced airflow, caused by dirty filters, low refrigerant level or ripped ducts, can cause the evaporator coil to be covered with a layer of ice, all of which can result in warm air.

Check the environment

This is home air conditioning troubleshoot 101. Leaving windows and doors open is ill-advised if you have the AC running, since this can greatly affect its efficiency. Think of it as, quite literally, throwing money out the window.

If your home air conditioning troubleshoot didn’t work, let Hughes Air Conditioning Repair & Service give it a try!

Hughes Air Conditioning Repair & Service is your trusted ally in keeping your home cool and your wallet full. We provide regular maintenance at reasonable rates offered to our loyal customers. We also happen to know every trick in the book in terms of home air conditioning troubleshoot, so shoot us a call today!

Best AC Thermostat Settings for Warmer Months

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You might be under the impression that using AC is no rocket science – you just grab the remote and turn it on. The trick, though, is to understand all the intricacies of your air conditioning system’s functions so as to use it in a tech-savvy way. Not only will this help you avoid needing air conditioning repair Tempe Arizona, but you’ll also be able to use the AC and its thermostat settings to achieve optimum efficiency.

One way to do this is through a programmable thermostat, which is becoming increasingly popular across US, especially in Arizona. If you like to be in control of things even before you get home from work, a Wi-Fi thermostat might be just for you.

But before you decide on a potential upgrade, and before the Sun decides to really turn up the heat, let’s take a look at the best AC thermostat settings.

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How to Choose between Different Local Air Conditioning Contractors

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You’ve been doing your research on local air conditioning contractors with great diligence, but failed to find what you needed – an AC contractor you can rely on to take good care of your air conditioner in Gilbert AZ. If your AC is in perfect working order and ready for the summer season, you may afford to take your time before making up your mind. However, if your AC is broken and you’ve been trying to troubleshoot your AC unit by yourself to no avail, you don’t really have much time if you want to beat the heat this summer.

We’re here to keep that from happening and make your life easier by helping you choose between different local air conditioning contractors once and for all.

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What the Noise Coming from Your AC Unit Means

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You are already familiar with different smells an AC unit can develop. But, there are also noises your air conditioning Mesa AZ unit can start producing. Give it an ear, and see what’s what.


If you ever hear a loud, banging noise coming from your air conditioner Mesa AZ, you can be sure something is either broken or loose.

It can be anything from a piston pin, connecting rod, or a crankshaft inside the unit’s compressor. Sometimes it means that the indoor blower is out of balance.

Banging can also indicate the need for the entire compressor to be replaced.


Clanking also indicates that there are out-of-balance or loose parts inside your AC unit. The compressor may be loose, or inside parts have failed.

A clanking noise may signal broken outdoor fan blades, or a faulty indoor blower. Never ignore the clanking, as it can only get worse and create bigger issues.


Clicking sounds can be heard when starting up or shutting down your AC unit. It is normal to hear clicking during those phases.

However, if there are persistent clicking noises when the AC is running, it might indicate a failing thermostat or defective control switches.

Since every AC unit contains plenty of electrical parts, pay attention to any untimely clicks, as it is better to quickly remedy or prevent any failures of electrical components.


Buzzing noises are among the most common of unwelcome noises your air conditioner can produce. The problems buzzing indicates can mean loose parts, loose outdoor fan, debris in outdoor or indoor unit, loose fan blades, refrigerant leaks, dirty air filter

Since buzzing can be produces because of many issues, it is best to contact a resident air conditioner Mesa AZ repair experts and let them take it from there.


Squealing almost exclusively stems from motor issues, whether those are problems with the motor of the indoor blower, or the motor of the outdoor fan.

What’s more, housing and blower wheel can also squeal if a malfunction is present. There are, however, AC units which produce this noise during regular star-ups. But, you will be able to distinguish regular start-up noises from a newly developed sound.


Humming sounds generally do not point to a serious matter. They do signal something may be off in your AC unit, but usually nothing to worry about.

Many parts of your unit can vibrate slightly and thus start humming. If the hums are gentle, there is nothing to fret about.

It is good to have it checked though, as there is always the possibility of humming becoming more prominent, which might mean problems with electrical components.


Rattling indicates deterioration of the AC unit and parts becoming loose. It can also mean that the system is clogged by leaves or twigs.

Chattering sounds are mostly made by electrical contractor in the equipment, which can cause further damage to other components if left unchecked.

Fans also rattle when loose. You can check for loose bolts or screws in the casing, change the air filter, or clean the condenser coils.


This is the big one. If you ever hear a high-pitched screaming or whistling coming from your air conditioner, turn it off and immediately call the professionals.

Refrigerant leak is the most common reason for such a noise, which can not only damage your unit, but can also threaten the health of your family.

Screaming can also be due to high internal pressure in the compressor, which is extremely dangerous.

If it’s noisy, don’t be nosey, call the best air conditioner Mesa AZ professionals

If you don’t like the sounds coming from your air conditioner, do not hesitate to call Hughes Air Heating & Cooling. We have the people who know what any noise indicates, and who can repair your unit in a heartbeat.


Leaky Air Conditioner? These Might Be the Reasons

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There are many reasons why your air conditioning Scottsdale unit might be leaking, and here’s a list of the most common ones.

Drain pan is cracked or clogged

Air conditioning Scottsdale repair professionals list problems with the drain pan as the most frequent reason for a leaking unit.

As the unit nears the limit of the service life, it is extremely common for the drain pan to become rusted and corroded. Water then freely drains through the pan, making a puddle underneath. Pan replacement fixes the problem easily.

Sometimes dust, algae, and debris collect in the drain pan, leading to a clogged drain hole. If this is the cause, simply clean the pan and resolve the issue.

Condensate line is clogged or damaged

If there are no problems with the pan, the next thing to have inspected is the condensate line. A PVC pipe is what usually makes condensate lines, which back up water when clogged.

Water starts to collect in the pipe, as well as the drain pan, leading to the inability of the system to drain itself properly. Flushing the pipe resolves the issue promptly.

Condensate drain pump is faulty

If your air conditioning Scottsdale unit was installed in the basement, then you have a drain pump. And if it breaks or malfunctions, you are definitely going to have leakages.

If the drain pump doesn’t work as it should, it will back up the entire draining system. There is no other solution for this problem than to replace it. Always have trained repair experts perform this service.

The filter is dirty

As mentioned earlier, a dirty air filter can cause a variety of issues, leaking being one of them. This problem is usually prevented by scheduling regular maintenance.

A dirty air filter usually leads to frozen evaporator coils. As the coils begin to thaw, they produce excess water which the drain pan simply cannot handle. Water begins to dribble, and you begin to notice.

Low refrigerant

Air conditioning unit with low to no refrigerant is the cause of many problems. The biggest of the problems is that the system won’t be as effective as it used to be. That is also the easiest way to spot that you are low on refrigerant.

Another issue is similar to the one caused by dirty air filters. Lack of refrigerant also causes the evaporator coils to freeze, leading to drain pan overflow and subsequent leaks.

Outside temperature

This issue usually occurs towards the end of the cooling season. When the temperatures start to drop, and you continue to run your air conditioning unit, it is possible and frequent for the cooling coils to ice up.

You can prevent this by not turning on your air conditioner when the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or by not straining your unit to much during this period.

Incorrect installation

Probably not the case, as most professionals have installed so many units it has become second nature to them.

However, if the crew is new or in training, the leaks may be due to incorrect installation. This might be the reason why your brand new unit is leaking water.

If it’s leaking, air conditioning Scottsdale repair crew can stop it

Hughes Air Conditioning Repair & Service employs the most experienced repair professionals in the business. We can quickly inspect, detect, and repair your unit, or replace any parts if necessary. If you are experiencing issues, contact us today!


5 Problems Caused by a Dirty Air Filter

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Experiencing an HVAC system malfunction can make people panic, especially during colder seasons. However, heating and cooling Mesa AZ professionals say that most of these problems are caused by a dirty air filter.

Inadequate heating or cooling

If you notice that your system is simply not working as it used to, don’t fret, as the problem is most likely the filter. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, the blower needs to work a lot harder to push the air through the filter. Reduced airflow creates cold and hot spots, making the desired air temperature unattainable. This is an easy fix, and heating and cooling Mesa AZ maintenance experts do it all the time. There is, however, another problem that stems from this one.

Increased energy bills

Clogs cause a decrease in the airflow, making your heating and cooling system run for longer periods of time, trying to cool or heat your home adequately. This significantly raises energy usage, consequently increasing your energy bill. In fact, a study performed by the Florida Public Service Commission shows that the number two reason for increased energy bills was a dirty air filter. The longer you wait the more money you will spend, so act quickly.

Inevitable breakdowns

It’s not just about keeping your home cool, or putting a stop to high energy bills. It’s also about preserving your unit, and increasing its lifespan. With the air filter clogged, the strain on your AC system is greater as well, with the engines being pushed to the limit to compensate for the obstructed airflow. This will imminently result in a breakdown, sooner or later. If it comes to this, you can forget about a quick fix by the resident heating and cooling Mesa AZ maintenance crew. You will either be forced to replace your AC unit or replace the engines.

Low air quality

If the air filter is too dirty to perform its function properly, you can be sure that the air quality in your home is going to drop. The dirt and debris will pass through the system, settling in ducts, slowly contaminating your home. This can lead to chronic allergies, and can be especially troublesome for people suffering from respiratory conditions, such as asthma. In the beginning, you may not even notice, except for an occasional sniffle, but poor air quality will impact your health eventually.

Frozen evaporator coils

When the clog appears during summer, at the peak of the cooling season, the cooling or evaporator coil can freeze up. The lack of air that moves past the coil means it cannot dissipate the condensation produced during the process of cooling. It is then that the condensation freezes, thus reducing the ability of the unit to remove heat and cool your home adequately. Also, without an intervention from heating and cooling professionals, the air conditioner will surely break down at some point.

Heating and cooling Mesa AZ to the rescue

Hughes Air Heating & Cooling is there for you every step of the way. It doesn’t stop with us helping you choose the best heating and cooling system for your home. Our maintenance crews are there for any problems you might experience, providing swift and efficient service. Choose us, call today.


Why Does My Heater Smell Bad?

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Turning your heater on for the first time after summer, you may notice a smell that shouldn’t be there. There are many reasons why an unpleasant smell can occur, so read on to know when to call professionals from heater service Gilbert AZ.


The period of summer dormancy for your heater is over, which means it must have accumulated a certain amount of dust. Debris and dust usually build up on the heat exchanger or other heating elements. Heater service Gilbert AZ experts say the unpleasant, burning smell is simply accumulated dust being burned. Warm air pumps the smell throughout your entire home, making it really noticeable. But, you can’t do anything about the dust, it’s just good to know you shouldn’t fret.


The bad smell can also occur if the motor of your heater is overworked. The culprit is usually a clogged filter. Changing the filter is the only option, as not only will the bad smell become worse, but there is a strong possibility of the motor giving out entirely. There is no better time to change the air filter than prior to the heating season, so if you haven’t done so recently, contact heater service Gilbert AZ professionals as soon as possible.


This is one of the most obvious, but also most overlooked reasons for the appearance of an unpleasant smell from your heater. An object may simply be too close to the vents or your heating unit. When you turn on your heater after a long time, these objects can get really hot, or burn even. Inspect the area for any flammable items, plastic, or fabric, increase the clearance, and the problem should go away.

Electrical problems

Probably all of us are familiar with the smell of burning electrical components. If you get even the slightest whiff of a component overheating, there’s a chance of an electrical problem. This is something you should never attempt to fix on your own. Always call professional heater service Gilbert AZ to inspect electrical wiring and the motor. Don’t risk it.

Bad ventilation

In recent years, energy-efficient doors, windows, and insulation have become increasingly popular. Which is a good thing. However, they do not let air escape your home. This does help lower the monthly energy bill, but it also prevents adequate air circulation and ventilation. The lack of fresh air for your HVAC system causes a stale odor. Nothing too serious, but do try to turn off your heater unit from time to time. Also, allow your home to breathe by regularly airing it out and ventilating.

Bacteria growth

Bacteria makes everything sound more serious. The mere notion of it gets people worried. But it is normal for some bacteria to grow on the coils of your heat pump. The result of bacteria growth inside your heating unit is a smell people describe as the smell of dirty socks. Not pleasant at all. But it is nothing to worry about, as it can be quickly remedied by contacting your resident heater Gilbert AZ technicians. Getting rid of the bacteria is also part of routine maintenance.

Heater service Gilbert AZ gets rid of stenches, odors, and stinks

If you notice bad-smelling air coming out of your heating unit, you probably want it eliminated quickly and efficiently, as it can really ruin the atmosphere. Heater repair and maintenance experts from Hughes Air Heating & Cooling are here to do the job, and do it well. Contact us at the first whiff!


Essential Information on Gas Furnaces

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If you’re pondering whether to buy a gas furnace for your home, here’s some information on the matter, and who knows better than leading heating repair Chandler AZ professionals.

How they function

Compared to other heating solutions, such as the HVAC systems, gas furnaces might sound a bit crude, a bit old-fashioned. But, experts in heating repair Chandler AZ say that’s a good thing. When the thermostat sends a signal that the temperature in the household is below the desired one, it all comes into motion. Gas is delivered to the combustion chamber, cold air from the room is pulled into the system, filtered, and taken to the heat exchanger. The combustion process heats the air, which then passes through the system and into your home. The system vents the combustion gases through the flue.

The maintenance procedure

As mentioned before, since a gas furnace is a lot less complicated, there are fewer things to go wrong with it. Consequently, the maintenance procedure itself is less expensive, and less frequent.

Mind you, regular routine checks by heating repair Chandler AZ professionals are still advised. By having your gas furnace regularly checked and maintained, you will greatly increase the already lengthy life span of the unit. Also, you will definitely save a lot of money in the long run on more expensive repairs. You can visually inspect the furnace yourself for signs of soot outside the system, which is always a telltale sign of an issue with your system.

Energy efficiency

Efficiency of a furnace is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency factor (AFUE). It has become the standard since 2015 for all gas furnaces to have the AFUE rating of at least 80%,  which is excellent. What’s even more excellent is the fact that there are gas furnaces with the AFUE rating of 98% and higher. And that is really efficient indeed.

Energy efficiency only increases if the system is properly installed, without tiny air leaks and with correctly sealed ducts. So, to ensure maximum energy efficiency, contact your resident heating repair Chandler AZ professionals.

The benefits of buying a gas furnace

There are reasons why gas furnaces are becoming increasingly popular in many US households, so let’s just take a quick look at some of them.

  • More heat – Natural gas is definitely among the best of the heating fuels. It will produce more heat for your home, while costing you less.
  • Less maintenance – As mentioned before, there are fewer things to go wrong with a gas furnace, which means less money for maintenance bills.
  • The ductwork – Seeing how gas furnaces need ductwork in order to deliver hot air for your home, the same ductwork can be used for cooling during summer. Again, it saves money.
  • Availability – Gas furnaces are extremely common, so you should have no trouble finding a suitable one for your home.
  • It’s quick – Natural gas works quickly, so it takes less time to heat your home with a gas furnace than with any other system.

#1 Heating repair Chandler AZ solutions

We at Hughes Air Heating & Cooling do not just sell furnaces, we do a lot more. We can help you choose the right furnace for you, install it, and maintain it. A full package, from start to finish. Call us today!


Heater Repair or Replace – A Constant Dilemma

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It usually happens at the worst possible time – a cold winter’s day, you want a bit more heat to go with your morning coffee, but nothing. Your carefully chosen unit has stalled. Should I repair it, or should I replace it? Here are a couple of things to consider, courtesy of heater repair Scottsdale professionals.


Usually the most important reason. If there is any suspicion of your heating unit becoming a hazard, replace it. And don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Let’s just provide a common example. A broken heat exchanger may emit carbon monoxide into the air you breathe. And yes, it is poisonous, so never risk it.

Smaller issues can always be repaired, but it is always best to rely upon your resident heater repair Scottsdale expert for inspection and advice.


All equipment, heating included, has a life expectancy. The older the unit, the more glitches it is expected to develop. The average heating unit lifespan is roughly 15 to 20 years. So, the first course of action would be to check the date of manufacture. Because, why repair a unit nearing its end? Money down the drain. Instead, if it’s already on its last legs, it would be money better spent investing into a fresh unit. Can you imagine repairing it, only for it to break down irreparably the next day?


The condition of your unit is in close relation to its lifespan. If your unit has been with you for quite some time, there is a possibility of it being less reliable. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You might be one of the lucky few, with your 15-year-old heating unit working just as the day you bought it.


Oh yes, the costs. All of us tend to think about the financial aspect fist. And it’s normal. But sometimes, spending a bit more means spending less in the long run. It all depends on the magnitude of the breakdown. At times, it is really unwise to replace your heating unit because of a small malfunction, easily and cheaply repaired. At other times, however, repairing is the wrong way to go. If the unit is old, sometimes even the smallest repairs are ill-advised, as there is no guarantee they will not come back to haunt you.


The unit’s efficiency is also an aspect to consider. You wouldn’t want your carbon footprints harming the environment? There is a system that measures the amount of fuel converted into heat, and the amount being wasted up the chimney. Simply put, heating systems which are older tend to waste more fuel, which is consequently released into the atmosphere, polluting the air. So, if you want to be just a tad greener, replacing your heating system with a newer, more efficient one might be the way to go.

Let heater repair Scottsdale experts solve your dilemma

Even if you’ve looked at it from every angle, you may still be unsure about the best course of action. Relax. Hughes Air Conditioning & Heating Repair is here to provide assistance. We are to here to help you reach a decision and put it into action. Feel free to call anytime.